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Answers for the most common support questions we receive.

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  • Question 01 - I need a WinSTIPS registration number.

    For fast service, please use our registration request form to request a WinSTIPS registration number.

  • Question 02 - My WinSTIPS registration number doesn't work? How do I change my WinSTIPS serial number?

    You cannot change a WinSTIPS serial number; a new WinSTIPS serial number is created during program installation. If you install WinSTIPS you'll likely get a new serial number and you will require a new Registration Number.

    Start WinSTIPS. WinSTIPS will display your 5-digit serial number and ask "Do you want to register?" Make note of your new 5-digit serial number and request a new Registration Number for the displayed serial number.

    For fast service, please use our registration request form to request a WinSTIPS registration number.

  • Question 03 - How do I obtain the free Optional Modules for WinSTIPS?

    WinSTIPS Optional Modules (SimTo Cross Reference for WinSTIPS, Philips ECG Module for WinSTIPS, SAMS Photofact Index Module for WinSTIPS) are delivered as a SUPPORT PACKAGE. Here are the steps:

    1 - Exit all copies of WinSTIPS or any other ServiceSoftware programs.

    2 - Start ServiceSoftware Update by clicking your Windows START button and then choosing Programs | ServiceSoftware | WinSTIPS | ServiceSoftware Update

    3 - Select the Program To Update from the list (if it is not already selected)

    4 - Choose Tools and the Support Package from the menu.

    5 - You'll be warned not to proceed unless you were directed by ServiceSoftware Support. Click YES to proceed.

    6 - Enter the PACKAGE # 99555.

    7 - Click the button labeled 'Click Here To Update'. Ignore any error messages.

  • Question 04 - Why does WinSTIPS Tip Update or Core Update appear to be stuck while downloading?

    From the main WinSTIPS menu, choose Tools and then choose Update.

    Note the option check box that is labeled "Passive File Transfer"

    If the option for Passive File Transfer is checked, then uncheck it and try updating again.

    If the option for Passive File Transfer is unchecked, then check it and try updating again.

  • Question 05 - How do I update my WinSTIPS program files?

    The latest version of WinSTIPS is Version 2.1 Build 5. The WinSTIPS version and build are displayed on the opening WinSTIPS screen.

    Here is how to update your WinSTIPS program files to the latest version:

    1. First, make certain that all copies of WinSTIPS are closed.
    2. Then click the Windows START button and choose Programs | ServiceSoftware | ServiceSoftware Update.
    3. Follow on screen prompts from there to update your program files.
    4. While program files are updating, simply Ignore any error messages!
    5. You can also check your WinSTIPS version number by clicking Help | About from the WinSTIPS opening screen.
  • Question 06 - Where are the files for WinSERV?

    WinSERV Service Management software version 1.x is no longer available for sale and WinSERV 1.x files are made available only as a reference (back up) for current licensees of the WinSERV program.

    Click here to download the files.

    Please protect your investment by backing up your WinSERV database and files.

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