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WinSTIPS is the gold-standard service tips database for consumer electronics service.

Purchase and registration is required for access to the full WinSTIPS database.

All WinSTIPS optional modules are free, including the SimTo Model Cross-Reference Module for WinSTIPS.

Click any Download button below to begin downloading a file. When prompted, choose to SAVE the selected file to a folder on your hard drive.

By clicking any download button you are indicating agreement with all terms of the ServiceSoftware License Agreement.

  • WinSTIPS 2.1
  • $0.00
  • After purchase, perform a Core Update to get an up-to-date WinSTIPS database.
  • Includes the oldest 100,000 tips. Does not include Optional WinSTIPS Modules.
  • Tip Update
  • $0.00
  • Use this file if you're unable to use Web Update Tips from within WinSTIPS.
  • An active WinSTIPS Subscription is required to use this file.

After Installing WinSTIPS ...

If you already own a WinSTIPS license then you will want to use our registration request form to request a WinSTIPS registration number for your new WinSTIPS serial number. A new WinSTIPS serial number is created during installation and you'll need a new registration number.

If you do not own a WinSTIPS license then WinSTIPS will operate in demonstration mode for some period of time.

Installing Optional WinSTIPS Modules

A kit of all WinSTIPS optional modules is now delivered as a SUPPORT PACKAGE. Installing one SUPPORT PACKAGE will add all three modules: SAMS Photofact Index for WinSTIPS, Philips ECG Cross Reference for WinSTIPS, and SimTo Module for WinSTIPS (model cross reference).

Here are the steps you should perform to install Optional WinSTIPS Modules:

1 - Exit all copies of WinSTIPS or any other ServiceSoftware programs.

2 - Start ServiceSoftware Update by clicking your Windows START button and then choosing Programs | ServiceSoftware | WinSTIPS | ServiceSoftware Update

3 - Select the Program To Update from the list (choose WinSTIPS, if it is not already selected)

4 - Choose Tools and the Support Package from the menu.

5 - You'll be warned not to proceed unless you were directed by ServiceSoftware Support. Click YES to proceed.

6 - Enter the PACKAGE # 99555.

7 - Click the button labeled 'Click Here To Update'. Ignore any error messages.

Backups are Important

Please protect your investment by backing up your WinSTIPS database and program files.

If your computer fails and you do not have an active WinSTIPS Subscription, then you will not be able to recover your valuable information.

If you do have an active WinSTIPS Subscription, then you always have access to an up-to-date WinSTIPS database. No worries :-)

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