WinSTIPS Subscription Credit

If you want to profitably service consumer electronics products then you must have WinSTIPS.

What's more, you can add your own tips to your WinSTIPS database and you can submit them for subscription credit.

Simply submit the tips you've added to WinSTIPS and you'll receive a 30 day extension of your WinSTIPS Subscription for each 30 tips you submit and we accept, up to 1 year at a time.

If you continue to submit tips, extending and never letting your subscription expire, then you never pay an annual fee again. If your subscription expires (either because insufficient tips were submitted / accepted, or because a paid subscription expires) then another paid subscription would be required to participate.

Please do not send in tips from any other database or tips that already exist in WinSTIPS. Credit will not be issued for such tips. Send in only current tips from your service center based on your own experience.

If the WinSTIPS Group Add feature (SimTo Module) or any other cross reference is used to create tips for a group of models, then only the unique tips will count toward subscription extension. We painstakingly examine EVERY tip that’s contributed, and reject any that are already in the master database. Others, such as SAMS references, are no longer accepted because the SAMS PHOTOFACT module is now available and provides complete and up-to-date information.

Records that are the same with minor revisions of chassis number are rejected. For example, multiple records that are the same except for the designation of CTC177. CTC177AA, and CTC177BB would be consolidated into one record.

For some brands we may welcome one record for a chassis number and another for a model number, as this may improve the ability to find information with minimal redundancy. For brands that are commonly referred to by chassis (for example: Philips, RCA/GE), then this may not be the case.

ServiceSoftware reserves the right to edit, alter, or not accept any information received for any reason. All contributions and all information is only accepted per terms of the WinSTIPS License Agreement.  ServiceSoftware reserves the right to discontinue or modify the WinSTIPS Subscription Credit program without notice.

We hope that you’ll agree and appreciate that the above is in line with our efforts aimed at maintaining data quality.

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