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How does ServiceTalk work?

ServiceTalk is an email-based forum.

When you send an email to ServiceTalk, it is received by all ServiceTalk members. When other members send an email to ServiceTalk, you'll receive a copy too.

What do you need to know about ServiceTalk?

ServiceSoftware operates ServiceTalk, an email-based forum for the discussion of technical and business issues that are of interest to electronics service professionals. We invite you to request membership.

Membership is FREE on request with an active WinSTIPS Subscription.

Membership is limited to service professionals only. ServiceSoftware reserves the right to not extend membership, or to cancel memberships at any time without refund.

Your peers are networking and helping each other every day with business and technical advice. Join them and experience the benefit of their knowledge.

You can expect to receive technical help on that dog you've been working on, help someone else, or ask other professionals about their repair policies and business strategies.

Be prepared to help. ServiceTalk is an exchange that is made great by members helping members.

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